Friday, April 19, 2019
Westwood Lake, Nanaimo BC
Point-to-Point Trail Race and 6km Family Cookie Run/Walk

Sunday, February 26, 2017

2017 Fletcher’s Challenge is going to be SPECIAL!

2017 Fletcher’s Challenge is going to be SPECIAL! 

You can rest assured that the race routes (yes  - routeS!) for the Tenth Anniversary running of the Fletcher Challenge are a beauty and are routes that we know Gavin would have been happy to have his name attached to.  This year’s courses are so spectacular, in fact, that we are actually considering having them as permanent race routes for the Fletcher’s Challenge. We will let you, the racing community, tell us what you think after you have run this year’s routes.  We still have the usual Cookie Walk around the lake and the Annual Easter egg Hunt for those of you that prefer something a bit more laid back.

Short Course (12k) vs Long Course (15k)

BOTH races are exciting POINT TO POINT endeavors, on some of the most stunning single track trails to be found on Vancouver Island. Starting from a top secret location that runners will be bussed to, and finishing at Westwood Lake, runners will enjoy our standard fare of well marked trails filled with enthusiastic volunteers to cheer you on. Runners of both the short and long course will be required to start the race carrying water with them. 
The 12k short course is reminiscent of previous Fletcher’s Challenge courses in both its difficulty and character. Winning times are expected to be in the ballpark of 1 hour, with the average runner taking closer to 2 hours to finish, and the back of the pack coming in under 3 hours. Runners will be rewarded for their efforts with stunning trails, and world class views. 
With the 15k long course, we wanted to take runners to new heights. At ‘only’ 3k more in distance, we expect winning times to be approximately 30 minutes longer, with average finishing times around 3 hours. A cutoff will be in effect to ensure that runners are not on course for longer than ?? hours. How could 3k take the race winners an extra 30 minutes? We will leave that to your imagination, but suffice it to say runners will be working hard, and that with great work comes great reward! We promise that you will LOVE this route, but we want you to be prepared. 
CHOICE! In fact, the 12k and 15k races share the same route, with the exception of that mysterious 3km #evilgrin. There will be a location, in the first third of the race, where runners who have chosen the 15k route will have the choice of “downgrading” (don’t worry, we don’t judge!) to the 12k option. In fact, we will have a cut-off in place such that long course runners who fail to reach this point within a predetermined time will be redirected to the short course. 
Its been stated confidently by some passionate trail runners in the know, that this will be without a doubt the best trail race route on Vancouver Island. This race will sell out, and space is CAPPED. Do not miss this one!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fletcher's Challenge 2018



Welcome to Fletcher's Challenge 2018, a trail race and family walk/run on Nanaimo's best trails. The trail race features the point-to-point format that Fletcher's Challenge is famous for.

Funds raised at the Fletcher's Challenge event are donated back to the community through Runners Of Compassion - Nanaimo Chapter. The funds assist underprivileged youth in accessing sports.


2018 features a 17km (approx) course. It is a point-to-point race featuring some of Nanaimo's best trails. This is a timed event, and guaranteed fun. Race participants are capped at 250 racers, so make sure you register early and don't miss out on a seat on the bus.

There will be some excellent door prizes available from our sponsors, as well as awards for the top finishers in their age groups. 

  • Bib Pickup: 8:30am - 9:45am
  • Bus Leaves: 9:30am (Don't miss it!)
  • Race Start: 10am
* Remember - all races must carry water.


Gather up the kids, and come on out for the ever popular cookie walk! This event is a blast for all ages. Entrants enjoy a single lap around Westwood Lake, and are treated to a cookie station along the way for some extra motivation.
  • Day-of Registration: 8:30am - 9:45am
  • Event Start: 10am

Easter Egg Hunt 

If the thrill of running around the lake and eating cookies is not enough to motivate your kids to participate, then how about the lure of the post-run Easter Egg Hunt!?

This event memorializes Mr. Gavin Fletcher who died at too young an age. He was a well known sports columnist, a member of ROC, a husband and father. 

His family values were paramount but his love of good fun competition in sports was unequaled. 

It is with this intent that we fashion The Fletcher's Challenge, held each year on Good Friday, open to both runners and walkers. 

It is about participation, having fun and enjoying some physical activity with your family.