Friday, April 19, 2019
Westwood Lake, Nanaimo BC
Point-to-Point Trail Race and 6km Family Cookie Run/Walk

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Post race report

The 10th Annual Fletcher's Challenge will go down in the history books as an event that delivered.

Westwood Lake was a buzz of activity on Good Friday. We witnessed records numbers for the trail race with 259 registrants and 235 trail racers filling all five busses. On the busses, everyone wanted to know what Dan Brady, Normon Thibault and Jeremy Clegg had cooked up for a race route for 12k race which promised to challenge the racers’ athleticism. The stories that came off the mountain were epic and still being talked about. Congratulations to all of you who tackled Fletcher's Challenge 2017. Race Results can be located by clicking here.

Click here to see Neil Gaudet’s photos.

The family run/walk was another great success this year with 146 families of all ages participating in the event. Cookies were in abundance on the backside of the lake.

Now who said Easter Egg Hunt? The kids came out in droves. You could see the strategies being created as they watched the Frontrunners team out hiding the Easter Eggs. I'm not really sure who really enjoyed themselves more -the kids or Normon.

This event isn't possible without the collaboration of about 75 volunteers which included registration, parking, first aid, course sweepers, course markers, course marshals, cookie walk, Easter egg hunt, food/refreshment tables, cookie bakers and clean up. So, how about a round of applause out to this group.

The other group that needs to be recognized are the sponsors who contribute every year. They are the backbone of this event and assist in making this event the success that it is.

Lastly, there is always a special group of individuals who eat, sleep and breathe Fletcher's planning the event starting in January of each year to plan out this event which are: 

Ø  Dan Brady
Ø  Normon Thibault
Ø  Charlie Burrell
Ø  Jeremy Clegg 
Ø  Sue Handel
Ø  Jason Blanchette
Ø  Tami Beales
Ø  De Orrell
Ø  Michelle Wallace
Ø  Darren Rinaldi
Ø  Angellos Glaros

Without these individuals, this event wouldn't occur so I am forever indebted to the generosity of time, talent and determination to this group. Thank you!

As we ask each and every year, we strive to improve the event over the past year so please provide any feedback you have. 

As a housekeeping item if you left anything at Westwood Lake Park there is a lost and found basket at Frontrunners Nanaimo.

Funds raised from this event are then donated into the community getting underprivileged kids access to sports through Runners of Compassion.

Please mark your calendars for Easter Friday 2018.


Greg Scott
Race Director

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