Friday, April 19, 2019
Westwood Lake, Nanaimo BC
Point-to-Point Trail Race and 6km Family Cookie Run/Walk

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fletcher’s Challenge 2017 – Pre-race Information

Fletcher’s Challenge 2017 – Pre-Race Information

Thank you for supporting Fletcher’s Challenge 2017. There are a record number of participants this year, for both the trail race and the cookie walk. We have five busses shuttling trail runners to the top-secret start location! The energy is overwhelming. And we only ask one thing: If you have a great time, tell your friends for next year. If you find something that can be improved, tell us. Above all else, HAVE FUN!

Since 2003 Runners of Compassion – Nanaimo Chapter has donated over $180,000 to help young people overcome financial barriers so that they can participate in sport activities. Thank you!

When & Where: Friday, April 14th, 2017 at Westwood Lake

Parking: Last year over 700 people attended Fletcher’s Challenge, so parking will be a challenge. For Nanaimo residents, please car pool if possible. Arrive early!

Family Run/Walk

Day-of Registration: 8:30-9:45AM

If you have preregistered, arrive at 9:45AM

Start Time is 10:00AM


Bib Pickup: 8:30-9:20AM

Busses Leave: 9:25AM sharp

Start Time is 10:00AM

Course Length: 12km

Course Profile: In the tradition of Fletcher’s Challenge the course has remained as much of a mystery as we can make it.  With the mixture of trails even some of the course designers do not know it!  This year’s race course again looks like a pyramid. Most of the gain will be in the first quarter of the course but we do have a treat for you at the three quarter mark as well so conserve e some energy. Bring a change of shoes and socks!!!! This course will be a BIG challenge for all runners so please make sure that you are prepared.

Trail Race Rules: Our trails are a precious resource. Please do your best to minimize impact on the trail. No course cutting, switchback cutting, corner cutting or braiding of the marked route. Offenders will be disqualified.

Safety: If you come across someone who is injured or in distress, the first person on the scene stays with the injured person. The second person goes forward or backward on the course to contact a course marshal and look for help. The next 2-3 people should check and make sure everything is OK and if there is any more help needed before proceeding. We all must take care of each other.

Water: It is mandatory that all runners carry water on this challenging course. There is no water station. NO GELS - THIS IS A SELF SUPPORTED RACE

Recommended water:

Front of the packers:  500-1000ml

Mid packers:  1000-1500ml

Back of the packers: 1500-2000ml

Bathrooms: Please use the bathrooms at Westwood Lake before boarding the bus, or use the bathroom on the bus. There will be two porta potties at the start of the trail race.

Warm-up Clothing: There will be hampers available at the start line to leave extra clothing in. Clothing items can be picked up at the finish line at Westwood Lake. Please no valuables, as we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

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